the brave prince

In the land of Alagasia there are 4 friends that are like sibling the prince is the oldest  of them all.

there is a young girl that has powers she can put a force fild up her hair is raven black eyes are purple name is lady susan.

then there is two other girls that are sarvents to the king and prince there names are lucy and grace

lucy has red hair and green eyes when grace has brown air

prince Luke he is the next king of the land and is ready to fight for his friends hair is light gold eyes are blue.

the king has brown eys and gray hair he is nere his rain as king,

its a day like every other when lucy comes runing to her sister saying

“there is a men out there that can make fire”!

“lu that is crazy the guards have this place well locked up no one can get in”she tells her

“we need to tell luke”  she yelps out

luke will not help us she tells her

i will go then! lucy says and walks off heading to the princes room

“luke there is a men out side that can make fire he is heading this way”

lu you are thinking wrong my men have this place well locked up luke tells lucy

you need to stop him! she yells

whats going on? susan asks luke

lu here is saying a guy is in the house who can make fire luke tells susan

you need to go to bed she tells lucy and takes her to her room.


in the night the house is on fire

what is that smell? luke asks the three girls that are in the house with him while his dad is away.

“dont asks me” lu tells him

smells like smoke says susan

its coming from down the steps! lu crys

not to long a fire spreds throw out the house the friends are trapped by the flames

luke what are we going to do! crys susan

get water and put it on the fire he says to her

oh yea were are we going to find that! lu yells at him as she hids behind him in fear

lucy is the youngest of the 4 friends she is only 7

just then susan remembers she can put a shild up to keep them save but that would give her powers away to the others,

“luke i can put a shild on us to keep the flames away”she says

you can what? he says in shock

why dont you do it! yells grace

i did not want my powers to be known.


the fire is put out and the friends are alive

that was somthing i never want to do again luke says with lu still huging him tight

lu its out susan tells her

oh thats great.

“we need to get this picked up before your dad comes back” grace says

what happened!!! luke are you ok some one tell me who started a fire! king jon yells to them

we dont know dad luke says with the girls behind him

find the parson who did this! he yells


the 4 friends set out to find the man who can make fire and ask him if he was the one who did it

when they get to him luke pulls his sword out and tells the girls to stay behind him,

just then a fight happens with luke and the fire guy lady susan puts a shild around them 3 and luke fight the man.

who are you? luke asks the man with the girls come up to them both

my name is lord warren i can make fire out of my hands he says

were do you come from? lucy asks standing behind luke

im a have no home warren says as he steps closer

but luke puts his sword on his neck “if you try to hart my girls i will kill you”

you guys are like a family he says to luke

i will do anything to protect the ones i love

lets go he tells the girls as they follow him.


back home lukes dad is mead that he did not kill the fire sorcer

why did you let him go!! jon yells

“i did not want to heart him” luke tells him

next time end him! and the king walk off

lady susan walks in and says “luke you did the right thing”

“yea well my dad does not thing i did” he says

keep trying she says

warren is making a mess of every thing with his fire power that he has

we need to stop him grace says

yea how? lucy asks

susan can take him out with her force fild grace says

yea lets do that and get me killed by the king! she crys

warren is found and joins the 4 friends helping them fight evil.



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