Karate …Not Only For The Youth

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By Hannah Paskal

Most people know Karate has been around for years and years. This wonderful sport is not only for the youth; it has great benefits for the elderly as well. Not only is it good to learn this to defend oneself, but also as we age, it’s important to stay in shape physically, mentally and emotionally. This is where Karate comes into play.

When I think of the benefits of Karate and what it can do for senior citizens, I think of my grandparents. And how it can help them. Aging affects balance, memory, coordination and flexibility. Doing Tae Kwon Do not only can improve these things, but can strengthen the body, build the mind, bringing them confidence and encouragement.

Another benefit of Martial Arts and my favorite is the self-defense section of the class. By showing the elderly some simple ways to break out of a hold someone may have on them, it can bring them a little bit of peace in what can be a very scary situation. It can help the elderly feel confident and help protect him or her from someone who might be trying to harm them.

This is why I would one-day, love to see my grandparents do this wonderful sport.

My Talented Dad

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By Hannah Paskal

Dads aren’t they great! Well then, let me tell you about my dad. He is great at many things especially computers. He writes programs like The Bill Organizer, which helps you with your monthly bills. He has also written applications or Apps for iTunes such as Time To Complete, which figures out how much time something would take to complete. The other App is called Roman Numerals; this helps kids to learn their roman numerals. Years ago, he wrote a piece of software called, “Worship Works” to help music leaders organize their music.

My dad is also a very talented writer. He likes writing poems and stories. He also enjoys teaching, which he has to sometimes travel quite a distance for. His classes he teaches on are called Writing For the Web and Software Testing (METS), not that I know what that means.

He also enjoys photography and has quite the eye for it. A few pieces of his work were even displayed in an art exhibit in downtown Dallas.

Although my dad is talented in many was, what I enjoy is the daddy and daughter time I get to spend with him.

I like how helpful my dad is. I can call on him at any moment with any question and he is right there to listen to me or give me an answer. I like when we get to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie together. We try to go on dates as often as we can. Sometimes we go hiking, go to the mall or even a surprise trip to get ice cream. We like to go on fun adventures like to the donut shop or on hikes with the Dallas hiking group.

Without a doubt God has given my dad many talents, but the best thing of all is when he smiles and I can see he loves me.

The Trespasser

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Beyond the lake of shining water, lived a little girl named Samantha. Her hair was notably golden as the sun danced upon it. Samantha truly enjoyed strolling through the dense woods scouting for surprising adventures. Freely skipping on her path, she came upon a cool looking house, which was made of logs.

Knocking on the lovely purple door, there was no answer, so she invited herself in. Because she was so hungry, she took a bite of the first bowl of porridge and it was seriously hot. The next bowl was surprisingly cold, but the last was excellent!

Feeling a bit exhausted she trudged into the living room and after trying each chair, she finally discovered the most comfortable when all of a sudden, it broke into dust. Picking herself up, she bravely scurried upstairs to the bedroom to find three beds. The initial one was as hard as a rock, the next was so soft, she fell straight to the ground. As she lay suspiciously on the last bed, she soon found herself dozing off.

BAM! The door flew open and three bears strolled into their kitchen. The dad yelled,” I’ve got some porridge missing!” Mama gasped, “A little is gone from mine as well!  “There’s none in my bowl,” squeaked baby bear.

As they investigated further into the living room, mama and papa’s chairs were disheveled and baby bears chair was in pieces, scattered everywhere! Being very cautious, the three stomp curiously upstairs only to find papa and mama’s baby’s room lightly messy. Baby bear immediately hollered, “Someone is in my bed!” Samantha awoke and screamed, “HELP!” She hopped up, ran down the stairs and out the door, never to trespass in that log house again.

David’s Yearly Adventure

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It was a warm sunny day in the outer plains of California. Seven miles away in a burrow was a Ground Hog named David sleeping away happy as a clown. David had no worries. Then one day a man dressed in a charcoal suit and a very tall shiny hat came and took David out of his hole and put him in a cage. David, feeling very frightened had no idea what was happing, he could barely even open his eyes to see what was going on. Then the man got into his black shiny, just washed van and drove back to the city. After what seemed like just minutes, the van stopped and David could hear people cheering his name. The man opened the van very slowly, grabbed David and placed him down on the very cold ground to see if his shadow would appear. Anticipation built, you could hear a pin drop at that moment, but sadly no shadow appeared. Then the man walked up on to the podium and announced, “There will be 6 more weeks of winter.” The people were so sad, some even cried. So the man placed David into his cage, got into the van and drove back placing him carefully into his burrow. David thought, “What in the world was that all about?” and he went blissfully back to sleeping.

Spring arrived and all the animals are rested and enjoying their children playing in the fields of wildflowers. David pops his head out of his burrow and sees all his friends playing and running around. He can’t wait to get out there! Tummy growling, he pops some leaves from a nearby bush into his mouth and takes off to play with his friends.

Little did David know the same thing would happen to him year after year.

Have a Happy Ground Hog Day!

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